Using Padlet in the classroom

I have just discovered the Padlet website (used to be called Wallwisher) and was looking at how it could be used in my classroom.

The first time I used it was simply as a means for everyone in the class to share their work with each other without lots of emails or presentations.  I emailed everyone in my class the link (you can change the name of the web address to something more relevant), I set the ‘Privacy’ so that anyone could edit for 5 mins, giving enough time for everyone to post their work and write, then delete, various daft comments.  I then set it as ‘view only’ and tidied it up a bit as they took 5 minutes to look at everyone else’s work.

One of the useful new features is the ability to embed your padlet in a WordPress post…
…but only if it is self hosted. For more info on the difference between and see here

In the meantime, pop over to and see my class’s Padlet wall.

I will continue to add ideas as I try them out and build up a list of what I think are the most useful things to do with it – there does seem to be many options and I love the way that it is so flexible.